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-- Program version: 17.20.9
Official website: Paragon Technologie GmbH
Interface language: English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
For the Windows installation package:
Windows 7 SP1 and later versions.
Open ports in the Firewall: incoming and outgoing 80, 443
Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
Additional free space (up to 1 GB) will be required during installation.
To install and run the program, Microsoft Visual C++ 2019(2017) Redistributable must be installed on the system
For WinPE recovery environment:
Intel Pentium III processor or its equivalent, with a processor clock speed of 1000 MHz
•At least 2 GB of RAM
SVGA video adapter and monitor
For the Linux Recovery environment:
*Intel Pentium x64 processor only
•At least 2 GB of RAM
SVGA video adapter and monitor
Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a multifunctional and convenient solution that performs a full cycle of hard disk maintenance. With this program, you will be able to manage the boot process, partition the disk, perform copy and restore operations, ensure the security of the system and data, and decommission the disk. The program is a convenient and practical tool for working with hard drives and archiving data for users of any level of training. It can equally well store data of both a personal user and an enterprise.--

With the program you will be able to:

* Perform any operations with partitions
* Change partition parameters: hide/show, make active/inactive, assign/delete a logical drive letter, change the volume label, convert the file system, etc.
* Redistribute disk space between volumes
* Copy disks or their partitions
* Create backup archives of the system and data on a local or network drive before performing important operations
* Boot the computer from Recovery CD, restore disks or their partitions, as well as cancel any operation with partitions in case of user error
* Quickly view FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 or Ext3 FS partitions, edit or copy files and directories using a file manager (fully integrated application)
• Defragment partitions and optimize the size of their clusters
* Configure and manage operating systems on one PC
* Easily create a WinPE/Linux/DOS-based boot disk on a USB flash drive for fast and reliable maintenance and recovery capabilities
* Work with Windows 7, 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7, new GPT hard drives (used in Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux), as well as the latest Linux kernel
• Install Windows 7 or Vista on your Mac on the Intel platform
* Test surfaces, view and edit sectors, compress MFT (main file table) on all types of dynamic volumes

Segmentation and optimization functions:

* New logic for working with a hard disk. Paragon has developed a completely new logic for hard disk segmentation, all disk partitioning operations have become faster and safer.
* Basic and professional segmentation operations. Creating, formatting, deleting, restoring a deleted partition, the ability to hide/show a partition, change its status (active/inactive); assigning, changing or deleting a drive letter; changing the label of a hard disk partition (volume labels); converting file systems; checking the integrity of the file system; full surface check.
* Partitioning. The disk space partitioning function allows you to split the OS and data or different types of data into two partitions of the same file system and type.
* Merge partitions. Combining the disk space of two adjacent partitions (NTFS, FAT16/FAT32) to create a single larger partition.
* Redistribution of free space. Increasing the amount of free space on one partition due to unused space on other hard disk partitions.
* Automatic alignment of sections. Thanks to our company's unique technology, the partitions on the disk are automatically aligned according to its internal geometry, which significantly improves the performance of data storage devices. This operation is extremely useful for SSD solid-state drives, AFD disks, as well as all other disks with a sector size of less than 512B (the list of supported operations is limited).
* Load corrector. Fixes most of the system boot problems that may occur as a result of human error, software failure, or a virus attack.
* Changing the cluster size. Allows you to optimize system performance and disk space.
* Convert HFS NTFS file systems. Convert any version of the NTFS file system to Apple HFS and vice versa without formatting.
* Converting a basic MBR to a GPT disk. The ability to take advantage of the new easy-to-use disk partitioning scheme.
* Convert dynamic MBR to basic MBR. Converting a dynamic MBR disk containing simple volumes to a basic MBR disk.
* Convert GPT to basic MBR. Converting a basic or dynamic GPT disk containing simple volumes to a basic MBR disk.
* Optimization of the NTFS file system. MFT defragmentation and compression allows you to maximize the performance of the NTFS file system.
* Changing the partition ID. The ability to control access to sections.
* Changing primary slots. The ability to fix problems caused by incorrect partition order in the Partition Table.
* Change the NTFS version to an earlier one. Helps with compatibility issues.
* Changing the serial number. An additional opportunity for experienced users!
* Restore a deleted partition. The ability to find and restore any accidentally deleted partition.
* Download manager. Managing multiple operating systems on one computer is easy and simple.

Backup and restore functions:

* Advanced backup technology. Sector and file level archives with incremental and differential additions, a unique method of file increment to a sector archive, as well as the ability to create sector complements.
* Master of intelligent archiving. Archive exactly the objects you need using the most appropriate archiving technology, selected automatically depending on the type of data being protected.
* Incremental updates to the sector archive. Unlike differential archives, incremental updates can contain not only data that has changed since the creation of the full sector archive, but also since the creation of one of its increments, which helps to save time and resources for data storage. In this method, the company's innovative technology was used for the first time, which allowed to improve the efficiency of network archiving by 200%
* Synthetic archive. Changing any archive parameters (merging a differential archive with a full archive, splitting the archive into several parts of a given size, compression, etc.) without performing physical archiving.
* Cyclic archive. Organization of an automated data protection system that fully complies with the "configure and forget" backup policy
• Any backup storage medium. Local connected/unconnected partitions, external storage, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network folders, FTP servers, as well as a protected hidden partition (archive capsule)
* Selective recovery. Extract individual files and folders from the archive, without restoring the entire archive, using the Recovery Wizard
* Adaptive recovery. The P2P Operating System Setup Wizard will help you run a Windows physical system (starting with Windows 2000) on another hardware platform (P2P), and will also automatically find and substitute all the necessary drivers for Windows to work correctly.
• New> Reports devices that do not have drivers; searches for and installs missing drivers from the built-in Windows storage; notifies of devices that do not have drivers that are critical for loading; designates all devices according to the model description; identifies and installs drivers for network controllers (NIC)
* Archiving without interruption. Archiving or migration of Windows systems without interruption using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (MS VSS) or Paragon Hot Processing technologies.
* Save archived copies to FTP/SFTP. Placing backup archives on an FTP/SFTP server provides a new level of protection for your data and system.
* Asynchronous data transfer. Increase the performance of backup operations due to asynchronous data transfer.
* Encryption and password protection of archives. Guarantee the security of confidential data and prevent unauthorized access to them.
* Comprehensive data recovery environments. Three types to choose from: based on Linux/DOS or WinPE available on CD/DVD/Blu-ray or flash media or from an Archive capsule
* Disaster Recovery for Apple Boot Camp. Protect your Mac with Windows dual boot or with Linux or WinPE-based emergency disks.

Copy and move data functions:

* Copy partition. Creating an exact copy of a partition on the same or another disk.
* Copying the hard disk. Creating an exact copy of an existing hard disk on another disk.
* File exclusion. When copying a partition or the entire hard disk to another partition or drive, exclude all unnecessary files using a convenient wizard.
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