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-- Program version: 2019
Official website: Corel
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: Cured
Type of medicine: -
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 (64-bit versions), all with the latest service packs
Intel Core i3/5/7 or AMD Athlon 64
2 GB of RAM
1 GB of hard disk space
Mouse, tablet or multi-touch monitor
Monitor resolution 1280 x 720 at 100% (96 dpi)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2
Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package
The unsurpassed capabilities of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019, combined with your creative abilities, are an excellent basis for projects on creating layouts, developing websites and editing photos. The package is equipped with extended support for Windows 10, multi-display viewing mode and support for 4K monitors. The product allows designers of various levels of training - from beginners to professionals - to achieve high-quality results quickly and with confidence. Discover professional and at the same time intuitive tools for creating logos, brochures, web graphics, advertising for posting on social networks and other original projects. Work with CorelDRAW in your own way!
The package provides a complete set of tools for creating illustrations, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertisements, booklets and billboards and is the optimal graphic solution. This software package is perfect for creating new trends in the fashion industry and developing designer clothes. A powerful arsenal of tools will help you create intricate drawings and distribute them across the image field. CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT have significantly expanded their capabilities in comparison with previous versions and analogues of software in this industry.--

The composition of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

Main applications:
CorelDRAW® 2019 - vector graphics and page layouts
Corel PHOTO-PAINT® 2019 - image editing
Corel Font Manager 2019 - font search and systematization
PowerTRACE2019 - tracing bitmaps into vector graphics (part of the CorelDRAW 2019 application)
CONNECT 2019 - content search (part of the CorelDRAW 2019 application)
CAPTURE 2019 - screen capture™ - graphic design development in online format via a web browser
AfterShot™ 3 HDR* - editing photos in RAW format
BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 4* - plugin for enlarging digital images
Auxiliary applications:
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - task automation
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications - automation of tasks and complex projects using macros
Barcode Wizard - Barcode Generator in industry standard formats
Duplex Printing Wizard - Manual for Duplex printing
GPL Ghost (ZIP) - improved import of EPS and PS files
7000 images, digital images and templates for vehicle design
1000 digital photos in high resolution
More than 1000 TrueType and/or OpenType
fonts 150 professional templates
More than 600 fountain, vector and raster fills

Best features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

* Redesigned fully customizable interface. A work environment where the right tools and settings are always at hand reflects the specifics of your workflow. To get started quickly, you need to select the appropriate workspace, and then use the Quick Setup function to debug the set of tools and the properties panel according to your preferences. We offer a default workspace, a simplified workspace and a classic workspace (based on version X6).
* Specialized workspaces. Several ready-made workspaces will help to efficiently organize and arrange the necessary tools within easy reach. The "Page Layout" and "Illustration" workspaces are at your service, as well as the ability to recreate Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator settings in the workspace - this will facilitate the transition from Creative Suite to CorelDRAW.
* Full control over fills and transparency. Our most powerful fill module has been developed for CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X8, which provides full control over fountain fill and bitmap and vector pattern filling. Now you can create elliptical and rectangular fountain fills, adjust the transparency level of a single color of the fountain fill and repeat the fountain fill inside the object.
* Convenient font preview and advanced character customization options. Here you can find a suitable font for any project. The Font Application settings window offers a preview function for various fonts and allows you to experiment with them. In addition, the redesigned "Insert Symbol" settings window automatically displays all the signs, symbols and glyphs that are associated with the selected font, which greatly simplifies the search and insertion of these elements into the document.
* Special effects and advanced photo editing features. The special effects introduced in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X8 include four new pressure-sensitive blur tools — Smearing, Swirling, Attracting and Repelling, as well as new camera effects - Bokeh, Chroma, Time Machine and Sepia, which allow you to give images a unique look. Extended support for RAW formats of more than 300 camera models opens up additional possibilities for working with images.
* Precise drawing and layout tools. Make sure that each element on the page is located exactly where it needs to be, with improved layout tools. The Guides window allows you to position objects faster, being displayed in the process of work together with the proposed alignment options relative to other objects. The outline placement options allow you to specify whether the outline will be located inside the object, outside the object, or equally on both sides of the object border.
* QR code generator. Create unique QR codes and add them to your projects as a mobile marketing tool. Use text, images, and color styles to give QR codes the intended look. Your QR code may be in harmony with the overall design, or it may contradict it — the options are endless! The built-in verification function will make sure that the QR code works and can be decrypted using a smartphone with an installed scanning application.
* Built-in Content Center. Discover the interactive online storage Content Center*, fully integrated with the applications of the package. You can share vector, raster, and fountain fills with members of the CorelDRAW user community right in the app. Get inspired, showcase your works and vote for your favorite works.
* Extended OpenType support. Create beautiful inscriptions using OpenType's advanced typographic capabilities - ligatures, ornaments, capitals and strokes. OpenType fonts, ideal for cross-platform development, provide comprehensive language support, allowing you to customize characters according to the working language.
* Support for complex fonts. Thanks to the CorelDRAW functions that provide the correct typographic set of characters, working with Asian and Middle Eastern languages has become even easier. Support for complex typesets works the same way as support for OpenType fonts: characters change as you type, which ensures that they match the context.
* Document styles. The Object Styles setup window makes it easier to create styles, apply them, and manage them. Style sets facilitate the tasks of quickly and uniformly formatting documents and creating multiple variants of the same design.
* Custom color harmonies. Easily create additional color palettes for your project. The "Harmony of Colors" tool combines color styles into harmony, so that group color changes can be carried out. It also analyzes colors and shades to form additional color schemes — an excellent way to surprise customers with variety!
* Tools for forming vector shapes. Add interesting effects to vector objects. Four shaping tools — Palette Knife, Funnel, Attraction and Repulsion - allow you to refine vector objects by attracting, repelling, smearing the object or creating recesses.
* Tools for working with page layouts. With improved page layout tools, the process of developing complex layouts has become even easier. The empty PowerClip frame allows you to reserve space for text or graphics. The Template Text tool makes it possible to simulate the page layout and see how the text will look, and the automatic numbering function allows you to quickly add page numbers.
* Built-in support for 64-bit multicore processors. Now, thanks to the capabilities of multi-core processing and built-in support for 64-bit processors, it will take quite a bit of time to develop your projects. Increased performance and more efficient memory usage provide accelerated execution of resource-intensive tasks, allow you to speed up the processing of large files and images, as well as increase the number of simultaneously processed large files.
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