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-- [li]Program version: 4.4.4 Build 489
[li]The latest version of the program: 4.4.4 Build 489
[li]Official website: Yandex
[li]Interface language: Russian
[li]Treatment: not required
[li]System requirements:
[img]http://s013.radikal.ru/i324/1508/b3/bd532b0f09a3.png [/img]
Punto Switcher is an automatic switch of Russian and English keyboard layouts. When you forget to switch the layout from Russian to English and vice versa, instead of "best" - "kexibq". Punto Switcher will fix this — the layout will switch automatically.--

Punto Switcher features:

* Switching the keyboard layout automatically and with a hotkey (Break by default)
* Ability to change the standard system keyboard shortcuts to change the layout
* Working with selected text and text in the buffer - correction of layout, case and transliteration
• Autocorrect: the ability to assign a combination of letters for a simplified set of frequently used words
* Keyboard sound design

What's new in this version:

What's new in this version 4.4:
* Added another settings item that allows you to enable or disable saving
data from the clipboard in exception programs
* Stabilized the work of the Diary
* We have returned the ability to put a password on the diary and work with it correctly
Social network
Now you can share your experience using Punto via Google+ and Odnoklassniki
Exception programs
Improved the addition of the program by heading
MS Office
Improved work with Office2013 and Office2016 on Win7x32
Fixed the floating indicator
Now it disappears by itself, a few seconds after the end of the input,
if the corresponding setting is enabled
Keyboard shortcuts
Removed the use of the Win button from the hotkeys (due to the Win10 upgrade to 1709)
Updated the help for the program
Fixed compatibility with rare but important programs (GitGui, Atom)

Additional information:

Punto Switcher monitors which letters are typed on the keyboard and, if the program sees an invalid combination, for example, "More" ("More"), after pressing the space bar, Enter or Tab, the layout automatically switches. We used a dictionary of several million words in order to identify impossible combinations.
The Punto Switcher program includes a diary - Punto Diary. The diary is designed to help you save and organize meaningful text that is usually sprayed across conferences, letters, chats. Punto Dairy has the ability to search through the entire text that a person typed during a week, month, year. A journalist can make an article out of this, a writer can make a book, or you can leaf through your diary and remember what you did last spring. Punto Diary can be useful for quoting a forgotten chat conversation, restoring text after a program crash, etc.

Features of RePack'a:

1. Combined in one installer, standard installation of the program or unpacking of a portable* (from the developer) version
2. The spyware module of the program was removed (pawel97 patch)
3. Fixed a bug with duplicating the program settings in %appdata% when choosing to store them in the program folder (pawel97 patch)
4. The installation path was changed to %ProgramFiles%Punto Switcher
5. Optional option (choice during installation) of additional program components: sounds, diary, help
6. Optional possibility (choice during installation) of the storage location of settings and user files of the program:
in the program folder or in the user profile folder (do not choose to store settings in the program folder when UAC is enabled)
7. Optional option (choice during installation) to use flags and configure disabling their dimming
8. Optional possibility (choice during installation) of icons for flags of the languages RU, EN, UA, BE (9 options)
9. Optional possibility (choice during installation) of replacing the American flag with the British one
10. The ability to set alternative sounds
11. Scrollbars in the windows of almost all settings have been removed
12. Removed: update loader, html advertisement, license file and Yandex elements
13. The program settings are saved as standard, but disabled:
checking for updates, useful tips and tooltips
14. Located next to the installer preferences.xml (user settings), replace.dat (autocorrect list),
user.dic (exception rules), diary.dat (diary), will be automatically copied to the settings folder
*When unpacking the portable version, regardless of the choice, the settings are stored in the program folder
"Silent" installation with the /SILENT key (or the file"Silent installation.cmd")
For "Quiet" installation of the portable version additional key /PORTABLE=1 (or the file "Unpacking portable.cmd")
Creating a custom installation script with a selection of settings and components with the key /SAVEINF="setup.ini";
(or the file "Creating an installation script.cmd")
"Silent" installation of the program according to a previously created installation script with the key /SILENT /LOADINF="setup.ini"
(or the file "Silent installation according to the script.cmd")
For the ideas and the material used, I express my gratitude to:
addhaloka, ADMIN@CRACK, Amigos, KloneB@dguy, Maz, momo2000, pawel97, xBoo
Note!!! Upon completion of the installation, you will be prompted to visit the repack author's website. Click Yes or No as desired.--[/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li]
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