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Name: Falcon
Publication Type: Freeware
Purpose: Web browser
Developer: https://www.falkon.org /
Year: 2019
Platform: PC
Version: 3.1.0
Interface language: Russian, English, other
Tablet: Not required
System requirements: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32- bit & 64-bit)
Description: Falcon is a KDE web browser using the QtWebEngine rendering engine, formerly known as QupZilla. It is designed as a lightweight web browser available on all major platforms. This project was originally started for educational purposes only. But from the very beginning, Falcon turned into a multifunctional browser.
Falcon has all the standard features you'd expect from a web browser. It includes bookmarks, history (both on the sidebar), and tabs. In addition, it enabled ad blocking by default using the built-in AdBlock plugin.


* Using the Qt library and the QtWebEngine module, without adding KDE libraries to the required dependencies;
* Priority is given to saving memory consumption, ensuring high performance and maintaining the responsiveness of the interface;
* When building the interface, a set of icons, widgets and styles native to each desktop environment is used, which allows you to provide a design indistinguishable from regular programs for GNOME, KDE and Windows. Tabs are actively used in the interface;
* Integrated ad blocking subsystem (Adblock). To block, you can use both external blacklists (EasyList from Adblock Plus) and add your own ad blocking rules. Support for fast blocking of Flash videos and the presence of Flash content activation mode only after a click;
* A quick launch panel (Speed-dial), displayed instead of empty pages and allowing you to organize quick access to the most frequently used sites;
* A quick search bar that allows you to instantly send a request to certain search engines and sites;
* Unified interface for working with bookmarks, browsing history and RSS feeds, designed inside a single window;
* Supports the ability to change the design by connecting external visual themes. Flexible interface configuration options;
* Support for extending functionality through plugins;
* Secure Connection Manager (SSL Manager), which allows you to manage local CA certificates;
* Private navigation mode, in which data about open pages does not settle in the cache and browsing history;
* Manage bookmarks in Chrome style (via an asterisk in the address bar). The implementation of the settings also resembles the approach taken in Chrome;
* Support for importing bookmarks from Firefox and Chrome browsers;
* Cookie Management Interface;
* Support for writing add-ons for processing web page content using GreaseMonkey scripts;
* Delivery of the PIM (Personal Information Manager) plugin with the implementation of a personal information management system used to automate the filling of personal data in web forms (for example, filling in full name, email, etc.);
* The source code is distributed under the GPLv3 license.

What's new:

* Added support for writing plugins using QML. Python plugin support has been stabilized;
* Added the MiddleClickLoader plugin that inserts text from the clipboard when the middle mouse button is pressed;
* Added a plugin for integration with KDE and providing access to pages from KDE Frameworks components;
* Added initial support for client certificates (requires QtWebEngine 5.12+);
* Added the ability to register your own protocol handlers (for example, torrent://, sftp://, etc.)
• The design of the search bar is aligned with the design of KDE applications;
* Made the transition to using DBus instead of lock files and sockets to interact with other instances of the application;
* Cookies placed in the whitelist are no longer deleted when the delete all Cookies function is called;
* The VerticalTabs plugin provides the ability to delete groups of collapsed tabs by clicking the middle mouse button.
* Fixed crashes in the AdBlock implementation;
* Improved compatibility with QtWebEngine 5.12 and provided build support with separate releases of QtWebEngine.

About the Portable version:

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