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iSpring Suite
Year of release: 2019
[img] [/img] Version:
[img] [/img] Official website address: link
Interface language: Russian
[img] [/img] Treatment: patch
[img] [/img] System requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 10/8/7 (32-bit or 64-bit versions)
Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 (32-bit or 64-bit versions)
Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 (32-bit or 64-bit versions)
Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
- Description:
iSpring Suite 9 is an addition to PowerPoint, so it is simple and convenient to work with.
Allows you to turn a regular presentation into a professional training course.
iSpring products are trusted by educational organizations and businesses as the best tools for e-learning.
Many world-famous companies, such as Oracle, Sony, P&G, IBM, adidas, AMD, use iSpring products to organize corporate training.

Main features of the program:

Support for all PowerPoint effects. iSpring Suite 8 supports and allows high-quality reproduction of all PowerPoint effects, including transitions, triggers and complex animations.
You can convert the presentation to a cross-platform format: HTML5 or MP4 video. All the effects that you have applied to the slides will be displayed flawlessly on your computer and any mobile device.
Animation. After the conversion, all the animations you created will be saved. iSpring Suite 9 allows you to correctly display triggers, animation by words and individual letters, and even "custom path" animation.
Transition effects. iSpring Suite 9 supports all kinds of PowerPoint transitions, including 3D transitions. When converting even the most complex presentations to a web format, the transition effects will be carefully preserved.
Inserting multimedia. Make your presentation more exciting and memorable by supplementing it with various media files. Use all the channels of perception of your students: iSpring Suite 9 allows you to add audio and video, saving files without loss of quality.
Styles, fonts, and SmartArt objects. PowerPoint offers a large collection of ready-made presentation styles and themes. You can use any of them. Be sure - they will be reproduced without distortion. As well as the fonts and SmartArt objects you have selected.
Viewing on mobile devices. iSpring Suite 9 is an innovative tool for developing e-courses, with which you can quickly and effortlessly create cross-platform projects for any device: computers, laptops, tablets, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices.
One course for all devices. You do not need to create different versions of courses, tests and presentations for each type of device on which they can be viewed. All projects created by you in PowerPoint, after conversion, are displayed equally well on the screen of any device, from a computer to a smartphone.
Adaptive design. When viewing a presentation on mobile devices, the entire content of the project adapts to the screen size. The added objects, images, videos automatically take the necessary parameters even when the mobile device is rotated.
New preview features. To understand how your project will be displayed on different devices, it is not necessary to have each of them at hand. The advanced preview mode already at the publication stage allows you to understand how the presentation will look on the screen of a computer, tablet and smartphone.
Free iPad app. Are there many iPad owners among your users? Now the learning process will be even more comfortable for them. Thanks to the free iSpring Mobile App, your students will be able to save a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad and take training at any convenient time, even offline. The lack of Internet is no longer a hindrance to study!
"Live" e-learning. Distance learning is even more exciting now. iSpring Suite 9 allows you to add characters to e-courses, tests and interactivity.
Character library. Choose the character most suitable for the subject of the course or the presentation of the company. Several dozen poses with various gestures and facial expressions have been developed for each character.
Master of characters. Create your course heroes using the free Character Wizard app from iSpring. Easy uploading of images to the library and editing. This will help to revitalize e-learning, make it more emotional.
Tests and surveys. iSpring Suite 9 allows you to quickly and without special skills create effective knowledge tests and surveys to get feedback from the audience.
Testing on any device. Create tests and surveys that your students can take at any convenient time, anywhere. iSpring technologies make tests comfortable to study both on computers and on mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad. The tests adapt to the size and orientation of the device screen.
23 types of questions. The program contains 11 types of assessed and 12 types of questionnaire questions for the most complete and effective verification of students' knowledge. Make the testing process fun!
Design questions. Each test question can be completed in a unique design. Customize the font, choose the layout and color theme for the question, add images – all this in a convenient slide editor.
The design of the player. Not only the test questions, but also the player for viewing it can be decorated colorfully, for example, in accordance with the subject of testing. Choose the appropriate color profile from the installed ones or create your own.
Customize the elements and labels of the player.
Setting up notifications. Feedback elements will help to make distance learning more individual. Set up notifications that will appear if the user answers a question correctly, incorrectly, or partially correctly.
"Smart" branching. Set up the branching of testing so that each of the students passed the test as efficiently as possible. Direct students to the next question if the answer is correct, or to a slide with additional information if the answer is incorrect.
Adding multimedia. To make testing even more useful and interesting for students, you can add audio and video to the questions. In addition, you can insert images and formulas into both questions and answer options.
Setting up testing rules. No special skills are required to set up testing rules, just select the necessary options in the test editor. For example, limit the number of attempts to answer a question and attempts to pass the test. Set the response time for the question or the entire test. You can also prohibit the completion of testing with unanswered questions.
Spectacular interactivity. Create unique electronic materials that will make the learning process even more exciting. Add images, audio and video to the interactivity.
4 types of interactivity. For each idea that you want to convey to your listeners, iSpring offers the most appropriate type of interactivity. Create electronic magazines (books), product catalogs, frequently asked questions and timelines (chronologies of events).
Viewing on any devices. Your users will be able to study the materials at any time and on any device: computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All interactivity is reproduced qualitatively on mobile devices, thanks to the support of the HTML5 format.
Convenient player. The iSpring player adjusts to the size and orientation of the device screen. Thanks to the adaptive design, all kinds of interactivity are convenient and pleasant to watch both on a computer and on a smartphone.
Updated player. The iSpring player has an intuitive interface. Customize it according to the corporate style of the company or the subject of the course. The player will perfectly complement the project you created and emphasize its uniqueness.
The appearance of the player. Flexible player settings allow you to provide everything to the smallest detail: from the location of the panels to the color profile and inscriptions of the player. Use these features to create a unique player design.
Choosing a template. The player contains preset layouts for various learning situations: business presentation, online lecture, corporate training, branded course, etc. In addition, you can create your own player template, as well as export it to use in other iSpring projects.
Branching and navigation. Customize the user's path through the presentation slides using the navigation buttons. Set your own rules for completing the course, for example, prohibiting returning to slides that have already been viewed. This will help to increase the effectiveness of training.
Branding opportunities. Use the iSpring player to present the created project most authoritatively. Add information about the speaker and his photo, insert the logo and information about the company that the speaker represents, adjust the colors of the player in the corporate style.
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