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Program version: 02/19/13
Official website: Starus Recovery
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
Support for popular exFAT /FAT 16 / FAT 32 / NTFS /NTFS 4 / NTFS5 file systems, and all Microsoft Windows operating systems, including XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 Server and Windows 7;
The collection consists of 8 programs that do not require installation for data recovery from Starus Recovery.
With this build, you can easily restore your data.

List of programs with descriptions:

Recovery of hard disk information
Starus Partition Recovery 2.8
The Starus Partition Recovery tool will be useful to anyone who is thinking about effective data recovery. The unique algorithm of the program provides a full range of information recovery capabilities, and does not require any additional technical knowledge from the user. The main advantage of the product is absolutely safe and accessible recovery of information to any PC user.
The main tasks of the tool
are to restore severely damaged partitions, deleted, redistributed or reformatted to another file system;
restore the logical structure of disks;
to return information with a missing or badly damaged file table;
to restore data from damaged partitions with a corrupted service record of the boot area of the MBR disk (master boot record);
reanimate information regardless of the type of file system or media.
Restoring office documents
Starus Office Recovery 2.6
Starus Office Recovery will recover deleted documents in Microsoft Word (RTF, DOC/DOCX) formats, Excel spreadsheets in XLS/XLSX formats, OpenOffice documents, Adobe PDF files and many others. The content search algorithm combines low-level disk scanning and signature search, providing confident recovery of documents from formatted, damaged and unstable media.
What can the Starus Office Recovery product do:
the program will restore accidentally deleted documents;
it will restore documents under any types of Windows file systems;
the tool will return documents from formatted and corrupted partitions;
filters documents for integrity to get documents suitable for further use;
it also restores intermediate (temporary) files of office documents;
allows you to view deleted document files without restoring them;
it does not require the installation of office applications.
Recovery of SD, microSD memory card information
Starus Photo Recovery 4.7
Easy and convenient recovery of deleted photos from the internal memory of digital cameras, camera memory cards, mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, hard drives and USB flash drives. The program restores not only accidentally deleted images, but also photos lost after formatting or completely deleting the NTFS, FAT logical partition.
Download Description
Main Features:
Supports all popular image formats;
Ability to view and restore RAW files;
Restores digital images from any media;
Supports all types of memory cards, including SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, miniSD, CompactFlash and many others;
The preview function allows you to make sure in advance that the necessary photo file has been successfully restored.
Recover Deleted files
Starus File Recovery 4.1
Starus File Recovery recovers files lost after virus attacks, software failures, trash cleanup, formatting or disk deletion. Supporting various storage devices, this tool can quickly recover information from hard drives, USB drives, flash drives and memory cards of cameras and mobile phones.
Purpose of the program:
Recovery of accidentally deleted files lost after cleaning the "Trash" or deleted using the "Shift" +"Del" keys;
Recovery of information from corrupted, deleted or formatted FAT, NTFS volumes;
Recovery of information from hard drives, external drives, USB flash drives, any memory cards of cameras and mobile phones including microSD;
Creating virtual disk images for guaranteed data recovery;
Saving the recovered information to the hard disk and writing files via FTP protocol to the server.
Restoring NTFS Partition Information
Starus NTFS Recovery 2.8
With the Starus NTFS Recovery program, logical volumes on your disk will be reliably protected from accidental deletion, formatting. No more information will disappear irrevocably, and every bit of disk data will be guaranteed to be restored in case of damage and failures of your NTFS file system.
Main features:
Data recovery from hard media marked up for NTFS3, NTFS4, NTFS5, NTFS+ file systems;
Recovery of logical partitions created initially under the NTFS file system and subsequently reformatted into FAT partitions;
Recovery of severely damaged, deleted NTFS partitions while preserving the original structure of the location of files and folders;
The function of creating virtual disk images for guaranteed data security and subsequent safe recovery.
Recovery of USB flash drive information
Starus FAT Recovery 2.8
Starus FAT Recovery is one of the most attractive offers in the field of recovery of FAT data structures today. At a lower price and almost the same capabilities as the Starus Partition Recovery product, the tool provides a wide range of professional opportunities. The program resuscitates the logical structure of the disk, so that it is possible to restore files even with a missing or severely damaged FAT file table.
Main features:
Data recovery of removable media under FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems;
Recovery of USB Flash drives created initially under the FAT file system and subsequently reformatted into NTFS partitions;
Restoring a severely damaged, deleted or formatted logical FAT structure of the location of files and folders;
Creating virtual disk images for guaranteed data security and subsequent safe recovery;
Saving to a hard disk, creating an ISO image, saving files to a server via FTP protocol.
Restoring Text documents
Starus Word Recovery 2.6
Recover deleted documents created by all versions of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer. Starus Word Recovery supports instant recovery and full disk scanning modes, providing confident recovery of documents from formatted, unreadable and newly partitioned disks.
The program is designed to solve the following tasks:
Recovery of all modern Microsoft ® Word text document files;
Restoring RTF (Rich Text Format);
Restoring all versions of OpenOffice documents;
The program works with formatted, damaged and inaccessible disks;
Restores temporary files of unsaved texts and can be used as a tool for detecting intentionally destroyed electronic documents.;
During the recovery process, the program saves the contents of the document, including formatting and all embedded objects.
Restoring Spreadsheets
Starus Excel Recovery 2.6
Recovery of spreadsheet files in Microsoft Excel and Open Office formats, including files from failed, formatted and newly partitioned drives. Content search mode reads information from the disk surface in a low-level mode, which allows you to recover files from problematic devices in the most difficult cases.
Purpose of the program:
Recovery of all modern versions of files created in the Microsoft® Excel application;
Password Protected File Recovery;
Detection of intermediate (temporary) files of unsaved documents;
Recover deleted and overwritten files by recreating a document from a previously saved copy or backup file;
Built-in Excel document viewer - the product does not require the installation of Microsoft office applications for pre-viewing files;
During the recovery process, the product retains the entire contents and structure of the document in its entirety.

Repackaging Information:

Type: Installation |Unpacking. (Portable versions from ZVSRus)
Interface language: Russian | English
Activation: Cured (key)
Cut out: Other localizations.
Command Line Keys:
* Silent installation of the Russian version: /VERYSILENT /I /EN
* Silent installation of the English version: /VERYSILENT /I/EN
* Silent unpacking: /VERYSILENT /P
* Do not create a shortcut(s) in the Start menu: /VERYSILENT /I /NS
* Do not create a shortcut(s) on the Desktop: /VERYSILENT /I /ND
Portable programs can be unpacked at a time manually or via a batch file.
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