Cakewalk Project 5 version 2 + Update 2.5 (2008) PC

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Cakewalk Project 5 version 2

Title: Cakewalk Project 5
Year of manufacture: 2008
Version: full 2.0 + update to v.2.5 + license
Developer: Cakewalk
Platform: Windows
OS: Win XP,Vista,7.
Minimum system requirements: Win2000/WinXP, DirectX 9, Pentium III 800MHz, 256MB RAM.
Interface language: English + Russifier
Tabletka: Present(serial number)
Installation Instructions:

Hidden text

1. Open the Project5 folder.2 and run the setup file, the language is U.S. English
2. We agree to install it in the default folder, noting all the ticks in the installation, except I do not accept the License Agreement(cancel setup)
3. We drive the data into the filling fields:
Name : User
Company: Home
Serial number: 1st or 2nd from v2.5 Update Only folder
Important!!! The response code is (Resp), use the same as the serial number during installation!!!For example, if you used the 2nd serial number, then the response code is the 2nd !!!
4. Put all the ticks in the field of the next page-Next
5. Next (Next), we agree, by default
At the very end of the installation, we insert the response code into the Resp request field
After installation, we do not immediately launch the program, and make an exit.
6. Open the v2.5 Update Only folder, and run the setup file
We repeat everything by default as in the first case.
7. Go to the folder Cakewalk.project5.v.version.2.5.Byrus,and run the TTSResP52 file
8. Unpack the russifier files into the folder with the installed program.
9. Now you have a fully installed and russified program Project 5-2.5
10. Good luck writing music!!! valsham
P.S: I did the installation with the Internet turned off!!!
A package of synthesizers combined into a virtual studio...
Cakewalk Project 5 is a computer-based workstation. Includes various synthesizers, samplers and effects. Project 5 supports such modern technologies as ASIO, DX, DXi, MFX, WDM, VST, VSTi.
Project 5 can also work as a ReWire tool and is compatible with Sonic Foundry ACID.
The program has a built-in PSYN synthesizer, nPULSE drum synthesizer, DS864 sampler, VELOCITY drum sampler and CYCLON DXi sampler.
The PSYN polyphonic synthesizer contains four oscillators (waveforms: sinusoidal, triangular, rectangular, two types of sawtooth, noise; up to five simultaneously), two resonant filters, five envelope generators, three assignable LFOs, a modulation matrix. Polyphony of 64 voices. Ring and frequency modulation, unison and portamento modes, synchronization with tempo, automation of parameters are supported.
The DS864 sampler has a polyphony of 64 voices, eight layers, two resonant filters, four envelope generators, three LFOs, eight audio outputs. It is possible to edit samples, create patches, automate parameters. Supported formats are Akai S 5000/6000, Kurzweil K 2000, Sound Fonts 2, WAV, AIFF. 500 MB of sounds are attached.
The nPULSE multitimbral drum synthesizer has a polyphony of 12 voices, five outputs, and the ability to automate parameters.
VELOCITY multitimbral drum sampler has a polyphony of 18 voices, up to 32 dynamic layers, effects (filter, reversal, bit reduction), five stereo outputs. It is possible to edit samples and automate parameters. WAV, AIFF, and LM4 formats are supported. Attached are 175 MB of sounds.
The Cyclone DXi groove sampler is designed to work with loops. It has 16-part multitimbrality and supports ACID format magnifiers.
The P-SEQ pattern sequencer supports real-time and step-by-step recording, and has a variety of editing tools, including a keyboard editor.
The SYNCHRON32 step sequencer (32 steps) can control the pitch and duration of notes, supports forschlags, legato and suspenders, has a polyphonic mode, can synchronize with tempo, is compatible with ACID format loops.
The Project5 program works directly with audio devices that have WDM, DirectSound or ASIO format drivers, can integrate with sequencers that support the ReWire protocol, transmits MIDI synchronization messages, allows you to control one instrument from several controllers or several instruments from one controller.

Here are 4VST-Plugins

Hidden Text

Cakewalk RgcAudio z3ta Plus DXi VSTi v1.41
Rob Papen ConcreteFX Blue VSTi 1.7
Cubic Audio - Dancida
Main functions:
-Studio-quality instruments and effects
-Pattern sequencers and ACID processors compatible loop processing tools
-Real-time work, the possibility of live performances
-Compatible with most standards and interfaces (ASIO, DX, DXi, MFX, ReWire client, WDM, VST*, VSTi*)
Support for VST plugins is provided by the VST/DX adapter

The kit includes synthesizers:
PSYN is a virtual analog synthesizer.
DS864 is a sampler.
nPULSE is an analog modular drum synthesizer.
VELOCITY - drum sampler (LM4, WAV, AIF).
Cyclone DXi is a groove sampler.

Effects with automation:
Transposer - real-time pitch shift.
Accumulator – for creating glissando, delay, reverberation effects, etc.
Exaggerator is a dynamic processor.
Lo-hi filter - filter.
As well as Tracer, Shifter, envelope filter, stereo delay/echo with tempo synchronization, high-frequency exciter, classical phaser, reverb, multi-voice chorus/flanger, two-channel parametric equalizer, compressor/gate, etc.
The program has 2 sequencers: P-SEQ - pattern sequencer and SYNCHRON32 - step sequencer.
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