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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16.00.20 DC 27.08.2018
Year of release: 2018
[img] [/img] Version: 116.00.20 DC 27.08.2018
[img] [/img] Official website address: Ashampoo
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
[img] [/img] Treatment: patch
[img] [/img] System requirements:
Operating System:
* Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7
* Any computer capable of running the listed operating systems.
• Full administrator rights are required to use the program.
* An internet connection is required to activate the program.
- Description:
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 is a new line of software package that allows you to optimize the operating system by configuring and cleaning it.
It contains utilities for cleaning the hard disk and the system registry, a module for protecting personal information by searching and deleting files and data left after surfing the Internet,
a utility for optimizing the Internet connection, a module for configuring programs downloaded at system startup, as well as modules for finding and deleting unnecessary DLL files, for permanently deleting data and for encrypting files. In addition, the program allows you to reassign file associations, encrypt and decrypt files.
Finally, the system parameters can be configured and optimized in one click.

Main features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16:

Design is combined with performance
WinOptimizer 16 not only looks amazing, but it has never been so smart. The program notifies you of potential system problems and provides a solution right at the start. The new design is extremely intuitive, and the controls are super intuitive. You will see excellent results in just a few clicks. The redrawn interface is thought out to the smallest detail!
Boundless power
Our most popular modules have been completely revised and updated for the best speed and stability. As a result, classic modules like Duplicate Finder and Undeleter are now up to 50 times faster! Even DiskSpace Explorer, which usually processes huge amounts of data, is now up to 10 times faster. Phenomenal acceleration was obtained in WinOptimizer 16 thanks to low-level system programming by our system tuning specialists!
More security, security and disk space
Powerful WinOptimizer 16 cleaning tools will rid your system of garbage. And these are not only temporary or cached files, but also unnecessary cookies and your browser history, which can damage your privacy. In addition, you can search for duplicate files, such as copies of photos or documents that you may have saved in several places.
Classic: one-click optimization
One-click optimization fixes multiple problems at a time with 3 powerful modules. Internet Cleaner removes browser traces, which not only frees up space, but also increases your privacy. Drive Cleaner removes unnecessary more files, freeing up disk space. Registry Cleaner removes incorrect registry entries, preventing system crashes and speeding it up. Magic with just one click.
Privacy control specifically for Windows 10
Windows 10 collects more user data than any Windows before. The Win10 Privacy module gives you back control on your PC! Finally, you decide which passwords and telemetry data or photos are sent to Microsoft. Or you can keep everything to yourself! Allow the app to update automatically or even allow them access to your messages or calendar? The choice is yours, and Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 will strictly follow up for you!
Full on-demand performance
Need all the power of your PC? Live-Tuner and Game-Booster are rushing to the rescue! Live-Tuner changes priorities and speeds up applications when needed. Game-Booster completes non-critical background processes and applications to provide you with maximum resources and optimal performance in games. After exiting the game, the system will be returned to its previous state - brilliant!
Advanced cleaning tools
For maximum accuracy, cleaning products are constantly updated. Browser traces and temporary files are hidden in various places on your hard drives. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 constantly searches for such files and provides in-depth removal on demand.
Automatic cleaning instantly!
WinOptimizer uses smart algorithms to automatically delete unnecessary files. Browser traces and temporary files will be deleted immediately after you close the browser. Nothing will hide from automatic cleaning, including Adobe Flash, Reader, Quicktime and temporary Java files! Your files will always be safe, and the system is fresh and fast!
Don't let your system out of sight
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 will show you what is happening on your machine. For example, if the condition of your hard drives has deteriorated, you will instantly know about it before trouble occurs. If you need to know which files take up disk space, what components your PC consists of, or what processes are running at the moment, WinOptimizer will not let you down!
More than 30 useful modules
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 can do more than just clean and optimize your system. When you need to configure Windows, edit or restore files, or perform an analysis of your system, WinOptimizer will help you. The built-in backup mechanism allows you to revert your changes at any time, so you can use the power of 30 modules without fear!

Main features:

New usage concept
Fully intuitive user interface
Interactive start screen with problem analysis
Improved user interface
Superior gaming performance at the click of a button with Game Booster
Easy management of system policies using User Rights Manager
Improved performance, more efficient memory usage
Convenient management of system restore points using System Restore Manager
Saving and restoring all changes using Backup Manager
Accelerate the launch of applications thanks to the background process of Live Tuner
Tuning Assistant Optimization Wizard
Automatic start of optimization with Task Scheduler
System maintenance
Automatically delete traces of work on the Internet and temporary files
A powerful disk cleaner with significantly improved results
Newly developed Internet trace removal module with multi-user support
Updated search algorithms for all cleaning modules
Cleaning Hard Drives with Drive Cleaner
Removing traces of working on the Internet using Internet Cleaner
Optimizing the Windows Registry using Registry Optimizer
New filtering options to get narrower search results
Windows Registry Defragmentation
One-Click Optimization with One-Click-Optimizer
Defragmenting hard drives to improve performance
Proactive defragmentation as a background task
File Tools
Re-designed to increase speed
Support for exFAT partitions
Search for duplicates using Duplicate Finder
Recover accidentally deleted files using Undeleter
Encrypt and split files securely and securely with the file management tool
Make deleted files unrecoverable with File Wiper
Safely delete files using File Wiper
Reliable removal of files from the Trash
Search for incorrect program shortcuts using Link Checker
Erasing and overwriting free disk space to safely delete leftover files
Secure encryption and decryption of files using File Encrypter and Decrypter
Splitting Large files using File Splitter
System analysis
Support for huge partitions
Getting detailed information about the system
An innovative benchmark of hard drives with detailed results
Optimal SSD support for extended service life
Managing installed fonts using Font Manager
Identifying problems with hard drives using HDD Inspector
View disk space usage and search for large files using DiskSpace Explorer
System Performance Testing using System Benchmark
Comparison of test results online
Improving Windows Performance
SSD Master for solid-state drives
Optimize your Internet connection with Internet Tuner
Disabling unnecessary system services to improve performance using Service Manager
Speeding up Windows Startup with Startup Tuner
View and manage running processes using Process Manager
Viewing and deleting applications
Configuring Windows
Maximum privacy protection for Windows 10 thanks to the Win10 Privacy Module
Saving the location of icons on the Desktop using Icon Saver
Increasing privacy with AntiSpy
Configuring hidden parameters with the tweaking module
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