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Adobe After Effects CC 2018 Portable by XpucT
Year of release: 2018
[img] [/img] Version: CC 2018
[img] [/img] Official website address: adobe
The author of the assembly:by XpucT
Interface language: Russian, English
[img] [/img] Treatment: not required
[img] [/img] System requirements:
Intel multicore processor with support for 64-bit functions
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (x64) / Windows 8.1 (x64) / Windows 10 (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
Running with administrator rights
4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
1.8 GB of free hard disk space
Additional free disk space for disk cache (10 GB recommended)
Display with a resolution of 1280x780
Optional: Adobe-certified graphics card for hardware acceleration of three-dimensional visualization by ray tracing
- Description:
After Effects CC is an industry-leading program for creating and composing animated graphics, which is used by many visual effects and animated graphics developers.
It offers great management functions, a wide range of creative tools,
as well as the ability to integrate with other video post-processing applications.
Make the impossible possible with the new, more versatile After Effects® CC program

New in Adobe After Effects CC 2018:

View new features and functions on the official website

Distribution feature

This portable version is Adobe by XpucT:
• Does not steal settings from other Adobe programs
• Do not conflict with installed Adobe programs
* Can work in parallel with other and foreign, installed and portable versions of any programs
Learn more about how Portable programs work
Cut out:
* Tons of localizations
* Tons of help in all languages
* Tons of illustrations in all languages
* Creative Cloud installation Files
* Error Logging Service
* Report Generation Wizard
* Report Submission Wizard
• Camera Raw Profiles
• All Adobe services
Scripts (all cured):
• AfterCodecs (x265)
• Dojo Screenshot
• Easy Arrows
• Explode Shape Layer
• ft Toolbar 2
• Motion 2
• Newton 2
• Simple Photo Animator
* Author's script for clearing the cache after closing the program
49 customized bounce effects for text
6 original films


This is the only portable version of Adobe After Effects on the Internet that does not swear at Dynamic Link, thanks to the author's change in the architecture of the program's directories.
This means that you can work with 3D Camera Tracker, VFX Strain Stabilizer and other effects without conflicts, errors and program crashes.

Frequently given answers:

What is Portable?
Portable is a program that does not require installation, which runs from a single executable file *.exe
In our case, it does not leave traces on the system disk after work, does not create garbage (records) in the registry.
Does not register file extensions without user input. Does not create temporary folders on the system disk without the user's participation.
The program uses all the necessary filters, modules, libraries from the same directory in which it is located.
Will the settings of the installed After Effects fly off?
No, if you provoke a conflict of program settings, then the portable version of After Effects from XpucT will make backups of all conflicting directories that are located in the user's/AppData folder at startup. When the portable version from XpucT is closed, all data remains in the Portable Adobe After Effects directory, and old user data from other versions of programs is restored to the place where the conflict was provoked. This is done especially for those who do not know what they are doing. However, if the portable program is terminated through the task manager or the program is brought to departure, then it simply will not have time to restore the backup copy of the data and take out its data in its directory. For the same reason, it is highly discouraged to run Portable programs from Adobe at the same time. The only exception is Portable by XpucT. It is My Portable assemblies that do not conflict with their own and others' assemblies and do not steal settings from other Adobe packages. To better understand this, I recommend watching a video about how Portable programs work.
How do I get the default settings back?
Delete the Data folder that is created on the same level as the After file Effects.exe and the App folder.
How do I reset the settings to factory settings?
Delete the \Portable Adobe folder After EffectsAppDefaultDataAppDataRoaming
How do I transfer my settings?
If you want to transfer settings from the installed version, then you need the folder:
C:User_name Appdataroamingadobeafter Effects15.1
Perhaps you had a previous version and the folder can be called 14.0 or 14.2
It is in it that the settings are located. This entire folder should be put in:
\Portable Adobe After EffectsAppDefaultDataAppDataRoamingAfter Effects
having previously deleted folder 15.1 from:
\Portable Adobe After EffectsAppDefaultDataAppDataRoamingAfter Effects
The program will start and report that the settings from the previous version have been detected.
Will he offer to import them ? Confirm.

From the author:

I didn't make any screensavers with my name and other garbage.
This version will not leave a single folder in your system and a key in the registry.
Everything is stored in the directory where the program itself is located.

In any unclear situation:

1. You need to run the program as an administrator
2. The program was written in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. In order for the program to work on your computer, you also need to install/update these components, otherwise this program will not work for you.
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