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Adobe Audition CC 2018 Portable by XpucT
Year of release: 2018
Version: 2018
The address of the official site: Adobe
Build author: by XpucT
Interface language: Russian and English
Treatment: not required
System requirements:
Multicore processor with 64-bit support
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (x64) / Windows 8.1 (x64) / Windows 10 (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
Running as an administrator
2 GB of RAM
600 MB of free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 support
Sound card with ASIO, WASAPI or Microsoft WDM/MME protocol support
- Description:
The program for working with audio data Adobe Audition is a professional tool for professionals who work in the field of audio and video processing, offering them virtually unlimited possibilities.
Ease of use perfectly combines with the flexibility of work, allowing you to create master copies of the highest class, edit, mix, process, apply a variety of sound special effects.
In fact, the user gets a full-fledged powerful recording studio on his computer with easy-to-use and, at the same time, quite professional tools.

The product offers users the following features:

Create high-quality audio products - Adobe Audition supports files with a digitization depth of up to 32-bit and a sampling rate of more than 192 kHz, and recording to any media (including magnetic tape, CD, DVD or DVD-Audio discs). All processing is performed in 32-bit resolution, which allows you to achieve highly professional results.
Achieve maximum efficiency in your work - Adobe Audition will provide you with all the tools you need for fast and efficient work. The user-friendly interface will allow you to perform the necessary operations in the shortest possible time, and the floating work panels will provide a quick setup of the working space, taking into account your personal preferences.
Use integrated tools - Adobe Audition offers a complete solution for editing and mixing audio files. Built-in viewing modes (multitrack and intended for editing), real-time special effects, support for loops, analysis tools, recovery function and video sequence support will provide you with unlimited possibilities in the field of audio file processing.
Powerful tools based on DSP technology - Use more than 45 effects based on DSP technology, tools for creating master copies, analytical tools, as well as the audio file recovery function.
Creating movie soundtracks - Edit, mix and add effects to AVI soundtracks while watching a video sequence.
Extended support for various audio formats - Work with audio files in all common formats (including WAV, AIFF, MP3, mp3PRO and WMA).
Intuitive User Interface - Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, you will be able to get to work immediately without wasting extra time on training.

What's new in the version:

Viewing new features on the official website

Build Features:

Portable version of Adobe Audition by XpucT:
• Does not steal settings from other Adobe programs
• Does not conflict with installed Adobe programs
* Can work in parallel with other and foreign, installed and portable versions of any programs
Learn more about how Portable programs work
Cut out:
• All languages except Russian and English
• Creative Cloud Manager
* Help in all languages except Russian and English
* Anti-Piracy Protection Service
* Error Logging Service
* Report Generation Wizard
* Report Submission Wizard

From the author:

I didn't make any screensavers with my name and other garbage.
This version will not leave a single folder in your system and a key in the registry.
Everything is stored in the directory where the program itself is located.

Frequently given answers:

What is Portable?
Portable is a program that does not require installation, which runs from a single executable file *.exe
In our case, it does not leave traces on the system disk after work, does not create garbage (records) in the registry.
Does not register file extensions without user input. Does not create temporary folders on the system disk without the user's participation. The program uses all the necessary filters, modules, libraries from the same directory in which it is located.
Will the settings of the installed Audition fly off?
No, if you provoke a conflict of program settings, then the portable version of Audition from XpucT will make backups of all conflicting directories that are located in the user's/AppData folder at startup. When the portable version from XpucT is closed, all data remains in the Portable Adobe Audition directory, and old user data from other versions of programs is restored to the place where the conflict was provoked. This is done especially for those who do not know what they are doing. However, if the portable program is terminated through the task manager or the program is brought to departure, then it simply will not have time to restore the backup copy of the data and take out its data in its directory. For the same reason, it is highly discouraged to run Portable programs from Adobe at the same time. The only exception is Portable by XpucT. It is My Portable assemblies that do not conflict with their own and others' assemblies and do not steal settings from other Adobe packages. To better understand this, I recommend watching a video about how Portable programs work.
How do I get the default settings back?
Delete the Data folder that is created on the same level as the file Audition.exe and the App folder.
How do I change the language?
Open the file ...Portable Adobe AuditionAppAuditionpainter.ini and write en_US instead of es_ES.
Restart the program.

In any unclear situation:

1. You need to run the program as an administrator
2. The program was written in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. In order for the program to work on your computer, you also need to install/update these components, otherwise this program will not work for you.
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