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Open Server Panel 5.2.8 [Multi/Ru]
Program version: 5.2.8
Official website: link
Interface language: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Treatment: not required
System Requirements:
Supported Windows versions (32-bit and 64-bit): Windows 7 SP1 and all newer versions;
Partially supported Windows versions (32-bit and 64-bit): Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista;
Minimum hardware requirements: 500 MB of free RAM and 3 GB of free HDD space;
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015 Redistributable Package is required;
Open Server Panel is a portable server platform and software environment created specifically for web developers, taking into account their recommendations and wishes. The software package has a rich set of server software, a convenient, multifunctional, well-thought-out interface, and has powerful capabilities for administering and configuring components. The platform is widely used for the development, debugging and testing of web projects, as well as for providing web services in local networks. Although initially the software products included in the complex were not designed specifically to work with each other, such a bundle became very popular among Windows users, primarily due to the fact that they received a free software package with reliability at the level of Linux servers. Convenience and ease of management will certainly not leave you indifferent, during its existence, Open Server has established itself as a first-class and reliable tool necessary for every webmaster.



The idea of the Open Server project is to be independent of the workplace. An ordinary developer often depends on a particular computer, on the operating system and programs installed on this computer, and even on the home or office where this computer is located. Open Server is designed to free you and your programs from such inconveniences, it will make you a truly free and independent developer.
You will receive a set of portable (not requiring installation) programs for all occasions. And of course you will get a powerful server platform where you can comfortably develop web projects. You no longer need to think about which computer you are working on, at your own, at work, or using a colleague's laptop. You no longer need to waste time searching for and installing programs if you had to reinstall Windows — you just need to connect an external disk or flash drive with Open Server and all your programs are right there!
If you need Open Server only as a replacement for programs such as Denwer, Vertrigo, Xampp, etc., then you can safely use the Mini version, which contains only the server part of the platform.

What's new in version 5.2.8:

What's new
Added PHP 7.2 module and all available extensions to it
Added Apache 2.4 module compatible with PHP 7.2
Added PostgreSQL 10 module.1
Added MongoDB 3.6.1 module
Added some extensions for PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1
Brackets editor removed due to file system errors
Deprecated Nginx modules have been removed
Updated all modules included
Updated extensions for all versions of PHP
Updated distributions of MSVC++ libraries
Note: The build version number in "About the program" remains the same 5.2.2.

The composition of the software package:

OSPanel 5.2.8;
Apache 2.2.34 / 2.4.29;
Nginx 1.11.7 / 1.12.2;
MySQL 5.1.73 / 5.5.58 / 5.6.38 / 5.7.20;
MariaDB 5.5.58 / 10.0.33 / 10.1.30 / 10.2.11;
MongoDB 2.4.14 / 2.6.12 / 3.0.15 / 3.2.18 / 3.4.10 / 3.6.1;
PostgreSQL 9.2.24 / 9.3.20 / 9.4.15 / 9.5.10 / 9.6.6 / 9.10.1;
Redis 2.8.2402 / 3.0.504 / 3.2.100;
Memcached 1.2.6 / 1.4.5;
FTP FileZilla 0.9.59;
PHP 5.2.17; (Zend Optimizer 3.3.3, IonCube 4.0.7, Memcache 2.2.4)
PHP 5.3.29; (Xdebug 2.2.7, Memcache 3.0.8, Mongo 1.6.14, Redis 2.2.7, Imagick 3.2.0)
PHP 5.4.45; (Xdebug 2.4.1, Memcache 3.0.8, Mongo 1.6.14, Redis 2.2.7, Imagick 3.2.0)
PHP 5.5.38; (Xdebug 2.5.5, Memcache 3.0.8, Mongo 1.6.14, MongoDB 1.2.9, Redis 2.2.7, Imagick 3.2.0)
PHP 5.6.32; (Xdebug 2.5.5, Memcache 3.0.8, Mongo 1.6.16, MongoDB 1.3.4, Redis 2.2.7, Imagick 3.2.0)
PHP 7.0.26; (Xdebug 2.5.5, PDFlib 9.1.1p3, MongoDB 1.3.4, Redis 3.1.5, Phalcon 3.3)
PHP 7.1.12; (Xdebug 2.5.5, PDFlib 9.1.1p3, MongoDB 1.3.4, Redis 3.1.5, Phalcon 3.3)
PHP 7.2.00; (Xdebug 2.5.5, PDFlib 9.1.1p3, MongoDB 1.3.4, Redis 3.1.5)
ImageMagick 6.8.9-9-Q16;
Bind 9.10.6;
Ghost 9.22;
Sendmail 32;
Wget 1.11.4;
NNCron Lite 1.17;
Adminer 4.3.1;
ConEmu 17.11.09;
HeidiSQL 9.5;
RockMongo 1.1.7;
PHPRedisAdmin 1.9;
PHPMyAdmin 4.7.3;
PHPPgAdmin 5.2;
PHPMemcachedAdmin 1.3;
The components of the assembly are presented in 32-bit and 64-bit (partially) versions.

Features of the control program:

Unobtrusive work in the Windows tray;
Quick start and stop;
Autostart of the server when the program starts;
Multiple domain management modes;
Mounting a virtual disk;
Command line management support;
Support for settings profiles;
Convenient viewing of logs of all components;
Switching HTTP, MySQL and PHP modules;
Detailed and clear documentation;
One-click access to domains;
Quick access to configuration templates;
Multilingual interface;
Autorun programs by list

Features of the complex:

Does not require installation (portability);
The ability to work from a USB drive;
Simultaneous work with Denwer, Xampp, etc.;
Work on a local/network/external IP address;
SSL support without any additional configuration;
Creating a domain by creating a regular folder;
Cyrillic domain support;
Support for aliases (domain pointers);
Protecting the server from external access;
Punycode domain Name Converter;
A package of more than 40 portable programs;
Task Scheduler (cron);
Creating a local subdomain without losing visibility of the main domain on the Internet;

Programs included:

Working with graphics
CamStudio - Video recording;
EYE3 - Pipette;
IcoFX - Icon Editor;
PicPick - Multimaster;
PixBuilder - Photo Editor;
PngOptimizer - Graphics Optimizer;
Peazip - Archiver;
Doublecmd - File Manager;
Everything - Instant file search;
VirtuaWin - Virtual Desktops;
WinMerge - File and Folder comparison;
WinDirStat - Folder and file size analysis;
Brackets - Code Editor;
CintaNotes - Notebook;
Notepad++ - Text Editor;
Notepad2 - Advanced Notepad;
STDUViewer - Multiviewer;
Sublime Text 2 - Code Editor;
The Internet
Dmaster - Download Manager;
FileZilla - FTP client;
Firefox Browser;
Google Chrome Browser;
Opera Browser;
Kitty - SSH client;
Skype Communication;
TeamViewer - Remote Assistant;
uTorrent - Torrent client;
WinMTR - Ping and Trace;
WinSCP - SCP client;
AutoRuns - Autostart Manager;
Cports - Monitoring of open ports;
MyEventViewer - System Log;
ProcessExplorer - Process Manager;
ProcessMonitor - Process monitoring;


Ultim MD5 84095c15b0a7026e3d7ee90aec0180c4
Ultim SHA1 08ac50225572c87e1478378bef5cf958d2cdceaf
Premi MD5 52359fe6fb8aaccb5b1fd2ba059779eb
Premi SHA1 402b3ed286a2dd0171c47961b8fc988723df108d
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