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7z SFX Constructor
Title: 7z SFX Constructor v4.3 Install & Portable
Developer: CryptoNick/Joker-2013
Author's website: link
Year: 2017
Platform: PC
Interface language: Russian, English, Ukrainian, Polish
Tablet: Not required
System requirements:
Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP (32/64-bit)
A program for creating/editing self-extracting 7z SFX archives.
It is intended both for users without knowledge of the principles of assembly and configuration of scripts, and for "advanced" users who previously assembled "pens".
The program is designed in such a way that you do not need to read any instructions at the beginning of the application.
To try it, just follow three steps:
1. Select or drag the project folder.
2. Select the execution file.
3. Click: Collect 7z SFX.
This is the first, initial option.
The second option is to sort out the main window a little and customize it for yourself.
The third is advanced, the study of scripts, at the beginning of what the program creates (by studying the module's help), and only after that, the creation of their own.


the ability to make a project, both from a directory with a file/s, and from a selective file/s.
packaging of any files or folders in *.exe.
unpacking the archive to the specified location.
unpacking the archive and launching the file/s (*.exe; *.msi; *.msu; *.cmd; *.bat; *.vbs; *.reg; *.inf; *.chm; *.txt).
unpacking the archive and secretly launching the file/s (*.exe; *.msi; *.msu; *.cmd; *.bat; *.vbs; *.reg; *.inf).
unpacking and launching two files (*.exe; *.msi; *.msu; *.cmd; *.bat; *.vbs; *.reg; *.inf; *.chm; *.txt).
unpacking and launching a file depending on the bit depth of the system.
unpacking without starting the file (extraction).
converter of different image formats to the project icon (when dragging to the program window *.ico; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.png; *.gif).
editor of information about the project file.
editing and reassembling SFX (when dragging SFX to the program window/shortcut).
adding startup parameters for executable files.
adding startup prefixes for executable files.
archive unpacking indicator (progress bar).
a message on the progress bar.
adding a window with the choice of the unpacking path of the project.
adding a message about the end of unpacking the project.
adding your own certificate for the assembled project.
ability to save/open/delete configuration files.
slip a planted archive (so that you can't view the contents).
set a password to start SFX.
put a password on the archive (from curious and Antiviruses).
hide a file segment from archivers (cannot be opened as an archive).
overwriting files.
the deletion itself (at the end of the program).
leave your signature in the script.
the choice of the bit depth of the module.
compatible with x64-bitness.
module compression.
icon compression.
require Administrator rights (when starting sfx).
registry file converter.
customize the appearance of the launch of the created SFX (menu with a full description and checkboxes).
adding shortcuts to any place and in any form (menu for customization).
And much more, which makes it as easy as possible to create and configure your SFX project.

Integration into Total Commander (button for TC):

Run the program, go to -> Script Editor -> Tools -> Integration into TC
The program components are copied to the Total Commander folder, a code appears in the clipboard to create a button in the menu bar.
File extraction path:
%COMMANDER_PATH% --> Utilities --> 7zSFX_Constructor
You can drag the project folder or the assembled 7zSFX project to the button, you can also select a file or folder and click the icon in the menu bar.

Integration into the context menu:

Launch the program, go to -> Script Editor -> Tools -> Context menu
In the context menu (PCM), items are created to open the project folder in the program and the collected 7z SFX (*.exe).
Note: when transferring the program file to another location, the context menu items associated with the program stop working,
to restore, just run the program. (the path to the main startup file will change to the current one).


F1 - calling the module's help file (General information about the configuration file).
F2 - calling the help file for all functions in the program (a full description of all functions and features of the program, and other hotkeys in the program).
F3 - calling the help file with variables.
Help author: KaSpieC 666; vovan1982; Joker-2013; SySh

VIP function

1. Fake archive - hides a data segment from archivers, displaying a fake archive (dummy) when opened by an archiver.
2. Hide files - hides the data segment from the archiver. When opening SFX with an archiver, an error will pop up notifying that it was not possible to open the file as an archive.
3. Crypto - protection of the project with a random password. When opening SFX with an archiver, it will require a password that does not need to be entered at startup.
The contents of your project will be protected from file scanning by antiviruses and curious users. (AES-256 encryption)
4. Author's signature - leave your signature, which will be displayed in the script.
5. Reassembling "other people's" SFX archives - unpacking the SFX archive, for updating/editing files, and further reassembling "someone else's" SFX project.

Virus Total Reaction


Important information

The constructor is just a shell that automates the assembly of 7z SFX archives.
Based on the modified module: Oleg Shcherbakov
The modification consists in adding many parameters to the module and expanding its capabilities.
Originally authored by Igor Pavlov, creator of the best free 7-Zip archiver.
Therefore, if you have any questions about scripts, you can search on: link
And there is also a page for discussing configuration files: link
There is a topic on our forum: link
As the author of the shell, I don't know much about writing scripts, I'm learning myself.
My task, like this topic, is to improve the work of 7z SFX Constructor, find bugs in the program...


7z SFX Constructor - easy to use software for creating and editing 7z SFX self-extracting archives. (Build, compression of one or multiple files into a single executable file: *.exe).
Designed for users without knowledge of principles of assembly 7z SFX configuration files and s, as well as for "advanced", which were previously collected their "handles."
The program is designed so that its use is advisable to not know programming languages.
Also in the program there are tooltips (when you hover the mouse over a particular menu item).
Self-extracting archives (7z SFX) - is a special module containing executable code to decompress, which allows to decompress (to run, delete, and more) files by simply running the file as a normal program. Such files, unlike conventional, do not require a separate program for decompressing them.
What 7z SFX create an archive, you just need to perform three steps
1. Select or drag project folder in the window of program «7z SFX Constructor»
2. Select a performance file
3. Press: Create 7z SFX.
It is the first, initial option.
The second option is a little deal with the main window and set up for themselves.
The third advanced, with s (see the FAQ module).
Program is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including all, without exception the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
Unpack the archive to the specified location
Unpack the archive and run the file/s (program, batch file, tweaks, etc.).
Unpack the archive and run a hidden file/s (program, batch file, tweaks, etc.).
Unpacking and running two startup files.
Unpacking and launching executable depending on the bitness of the system.
Unpack the file without launching.
Unpack the archive indicator (progress bar).
Report on the progress bar.
Window select extraction path.
Message after unpacking.
Slip the planted file (it was impossible to view the content).
Put a password to run SFX.
Put the password for the archive (by the curious and Antivirus).
Hide files segment from the archives (you can not open a file).
Overwriting files.
Needless to delete (at the completion of the work program).
Leave your signature in the .
Module selection bit.
Compatible with x64.
Compression Modlie using UPX.
Compression icons, by removing the "big" sketches.
Digital signature of the file.
Integration of the menu Sent.
Integration into the explorer context menu.
Set as buttons in Total Commander.
Require administrator rights (if and sfx-start).
Converter registry files for editing and adding them to SFX .
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