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Program version: 2018
Official website: link
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
Treatment: not required
System requirements:
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (Only for 64-bit systems)
Adobe® Software Creative delivers unmatched performance with built-in support for 64-bit computing and GPU acceleration features. New revolutionary creative tools allow you to create innovative projects for the most modern devices. Using precise and multifunctional tools, you will be able to create expressive projects that can be enjoyed anywhere.

The composition of the collection:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2018.7.0.0
The Photoshop Lightroom application is designed for professional and amateur photographers and allows you to quickly import and process images, as well as manage a photo library. Features such as Smart Preview and Advanced Healing Brush extend the capabilities of the full-featured version of Photoshop in the field of fine photo editing.
Adobe After Effects CC 2018.
Adobe After Effects CC 2017 is a popular program for editing video and dynamic images, creating compositions, various effects and animations. It is most often used for processing video materials (postproduction), creating music videos, commercials, animations, titles, as well as many other elements that require digital video effects.
Adobe Animate CC 2018.
Adobe Animate CC 2017, which replaced Flash Professional, is a powerful environment for creating animation and multimedia content. Allows you to create expressive interactive projects that are displayed in excellent quality on desktop computers and various devices, including tablet PCs and smartphones, as well as on TV screens. Adobe Animate CC 2017 also allows you to work with raster, vector and three-dimensional graphics using the GPU. Also supports bidirectional audio and video streaming. Thanks to the integration with Behance, you can share your projects with other users and instantly receive feedback about your work from designers from all over the world.
Adobe Audition CC 2018.
The program for working with audio data Adobe Audition is a professional tool for professionals who work in the field of audio and video processing, offering them virtually unlimited possibilities. Ease of use perfectly combines with the flexibility of work, allowing you to create master copies of the highest class, edit, mix, process, apply a variety of sound special effects. In fact, the user gets a full-fledged powerful recording studio on his computer with easy-to-use and, at the same time, quite professional tools.
Adobe Character Animator CC 2018.1.1.184
Character Animator is a character animation application that allows you to animate expressive characters based on your own graphic objects. Adobe Character Animator allows you to import creative work from Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and animate it. First, record a video using the camera and microphone. While you are shooting, Character Animator repeats your facial expression, synchronizes lip movement with speech and provides the opportunity to fully control all aspects of the character's movement. You can animate a character that you received from another author, or animate your own graphic objects from Photoshop or Illustrator. You can even record your own behavior elements or use existing ones from other sources.
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018.18.0.10136
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 is a new version of the program for creating professional websites. Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 web design software contains an intuitive visual interface for creating and editing websites and mobile applications. Use "rubber layouts" (Fluid Grid Layouts) with cross-platform support to create pages. View layouts in the panel "multi-screen preview" before publishing.
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018.22.0.0
Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 is a vector graphics software adopted as an industry standard, widely used by designers in various fields of digital graphics, illustrations and printing, when developing any kind of multimedia resources, such as printed materials, Internet content, interactive tools, videos and mobile applications.
Adobe InDesign CC 2018.13.0
Adobe InDesign CC is a professional product for designing the design of any printed or online publications. Adobe InDesign CC has all the advanced features and machine layout tools with which you can quickly and efficiently design pages of any complexity. The program supports the import of drawings and text from a wide variety of formats, including PDF and XML files, offers a large set of tools for editing imported materials, which includes working with layers, cascading design styles, tables and templates.
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018.12.0.202
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 is an encoding program that allows you to encode audio and video files into various distribution formats for various applications and audiences. Such video and audio formats are characterized by an increased compression ratio. Using this program, you can export videos to formats supported by various devices, from DVD players and websites to mobile phones, portable media players and standard and high definition TVs.
Adobe Muse CC 2018.2018.0.685
Adobe Muse CC 2017 is a visual website builder that functions on the principle of "displaying the changes made in real time". Thus, the developer does not need to open the HTML code of the site - the editing panel allows you to work with a web page as with an image. Obviously, this approach is focused on creating a development environment accessible to the user without special education.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.19.0
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 is a comprehensive solution for professional digital image processing, which contains the most modern tools for working with images and new opportunities for implementing creative ideas that can significantly increase productivity. Edit images with exceptional precision, use new intuitive tools and workflows to create three-dimensional graphics, two-dimensional projects, as well as movies.
Adobe Prelude CC 2018.
Adobe Prelude CC 2017 is a program for professional digitization of video materials that allows you to convert any file formats and place tags. The application offers efficient management of the file preparation process, instantly creating logs based on markers and other temporary metadata, providing the ability to search during final processing. With Adobe Prelude 2017, you will be able to develop and mount video content much faster and even more organized. The tools for inserting and logging video recordings are designed to work effectively with multimedia and input metadata. Videos are easily transferred to Adobe Premiere Pro, which ensures excellent communication and organization of the entire video production process.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.
Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 is a powerful, customizable editor for non-linear editing, with which you can mount videos exactly the way you want it. Import and freely combine any video recordings, from a clip taken on a phone to a raw 5K, followed by editing, for which no transcoding is required.

Features of the collection:

All programs are presented in unpacked form and do not require installation on a computer. The work of programs is possible from any medium.
Only the initial installation of the necessary components is required. The installation is performed only once for each new computer.
It is best to install the collection on computers where there are no similar programs already installed, in order to avoid data loss and stable operation of applications.
It is required to prevent programs from accessing the Internet. Use a firewall or turn off the Internet for the duration of work.
Quotaazbukasofta​ ® wrote:Blocking access of programs to the network is not mandatory at all. I wrote it for those who do not want to shine their IP on Adobe servers. In any case, the programs will break into the Internet for updates and other stuff. Who knows what kind of information they will still send. These are purely precautionary measures. And it does not depend on the authors of the assemblies or repacks. It is NOT possible to remove such functions. Chemistry with the host file leads to blocking by many antiviruses. Therefore, the most ideal option is to use a firewall.

How to install the collection:

1. Unpack the downloaded image with any archiver (WinRAR, 7ZIP, etc.) to any separate folder on the media (for example, Adobe).
It is possible to work with a virtual drive (UltraISO, Alcohol, etc.), but the stability and speed of the programs are not guaranteed.
2. Run the file autorun.exe
3. Through the menu, install the necessary components
4. Go to the applications menu and select the desired programs
You can launch programs directly from the menu or create shortcuts on the desktop for the desired program options.

Image checksums:

MD5: 36814803BA514D90F9B09FAE395EE419
SHA-1: 001ABD6DA23B3A2F2BAFD9A78F23598B74FDC3C2
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