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- Name: Comodo Firewall
Developer: Comodo
Year: 2014
Platform: PC
Version: 7.0.317799.4142
Interface language: Russian / Multilingual
Tablet: Not required-- System requirements:
-- Description:
Comodo Firewall is designed to protect users of PCs running Windows OS, its capabilities are almost as good as similar products, including individual commercial developments.
Microsoft Silverlight is required for the operation of a "Virtual Kiosk".--

√ Main features:

Multifunctional firewall - firewall
Comodo Firewall provides a high level of protection against incoming and outgoing threats. Thus, you get the most effective protection against hackers, malware and identity theft. Now the firewall has been improved by adding new features:
- Stealth Mode to make your computer completely invisible to port scanning;
- Automatic identification of trusted zones based on the wizard;
- Predefined firewall policies allow you to quickly apply the necessary security rules;
- Diagnostics for analyzing the system for possible conflicts with the firewall and much more.
Behavioral blocker
- Checking the integrity of each program before allowing it to be loaded into computer memory;
- Performs "cloud" behavior analysis for immediate detection of malware;
- Warns you every time unknown or unreliable applications try to start or install;
- Blocks viruses, Trojans and spyware before they can gain access to your system;
- Prevents unauthorized modification of critical system files and Windows registry entries;
- Includes an automatic sandbox feature that completely isolates untrusted files from the rest of the computer
Intrusion Prevention system HIPS
- Virtually impenetrable protection against rootkits, process injection, keyloggers and other zero-day threats.
- The free Comodo firewall monitors the activity of all applications and processes on your computer and allows files and processes to run if they comply with prevailing security rules.
- Blocks the activity of malware by stopping any actions that may damage the operating system, system memory, registry or personal data.
- Allows advanced users to enhance security measures by quickly creating custom policies and rule sets using a user-friendly and powerful rules interface.
Virtual kiosk
- A virtual sandbox environment for running programs and working on the Internet, isolated from your real computer. Applications and web browsers work inside the kiosk without leaving cookies or history on the real system, which makes it a safe environment for online banking and online shopping.
- Prevents installation of viruses, rootkits and spyware from malicious websites on your computer and provides protection against hacking.
- Includes a virtual keyboard that allows the user to safely enter credit card numbers and passwords without fear of programs to intercept input data (keyloggers).
- The virtual kiosk in Comodo Firewall allows experienced users to run beta versions of programs in an isolated environment that will not disrupt the stability or file structure of the real system.
Main components:
* Personal firewall
• Network management
* Behavioral analysis
* HIPS system
* Viruscope system
* Content filter
* Automatic sandbox
* Virtual Desktop
• Comodo Secure DNS
* Emergency cleaning disk
• Comodo Cleaning Essentials
* Process Manager
* Comodo Dragon Web Browser
* PrivDog plugin

√ Change in version:

Fixed: Warnings are blocked in the notification standby mode – this can sometimes lead to Internet blocking, warning delays and freezes.
Fixed: Downloaded documents cannot be run in isolated Office 2010.
Fixed: Failed attempts to update Windows 8.1 if Viruscope is enabled.
Fixed: BSOD when manually deleting inspect.sys
New in Comodo Firewall 7:
* New. Viruscope (Advanced Settings > Protection + > Behavioral Analysis > Viruscope) is a system that allows dynamic analysis of the behavior of running processes and record their activity. Viruscope monitors the activity of processes running on your computer and warns you if they try to perform suspicious actions.
•New. New Website filtering section (Advanced Settings > Firewall > Content Filter) gives Comodo Firewall 7 users a powerful and easy way to allow or deny access to certain online resources.
* New. Folders with protected data. A new data security feature that makes important files completely invisible to programs running in the sandbox.
* Improved. The updated Comodo Firewall 7 interface includes several design and user experience improvements that allow you to solve tasks faster while maintaining better informativeness than ever before. New themes include a bold "Metro" theme in the style of Windows 8.
* Improved. More than 300+ bugs and issues have been fixed, as well as 45+ improvements compared to version 6.3.
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